Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Hey Fellas,
It's been a while but that's cos we've been busy trying to come up with yet another way we can exploit and manipulate the rage and hatred of inadequate sexually frustrated males for our own financial gain. But you'll be pleased to know we have finally had a great idea.

J4MB Proudly Presents...SAUSAGE FEST 2016

The first ever MRA Festival 3 days of pretending ur happy wanking into ur tears...A place where Men are Men & Women are advised to look like them to avoid high Rapist element (85-90%)
3 Days, 2 stages, 1 Gender
0 Pussy (and u must pretend that ur happy with that)
Tickets cost: Av. Alimony minus Child support...So Men pay at the gate emotionally & with hatred 4 Vaginas ...
Please note that Sausage Fest will not be permitting any sales of Ice Cream due to a Feminazi plot to steal all of it
Anyone Raped in the Festival will only be judged fairly after the security team has decided if ur clothes weren't "asking for it"
No bands, no music, no dancing, no nothing, just men doing what men do...stand around & pretend they don't need anything women-ish hookers allowed (women must allow sex for Free to any many who wants it... No friend zoning allowed on site
Sperm Stealers will be prosecuted please wank into the secure bins by the security moat..the moat of will be guarded 24/7

Obviously this is just an idea i had whilst taking a shit this morning so nothing has been done to advance it so far and nor will it be unless YOU are willing to pony up the dough

Send me your money via paypal at NOW and maybe this dream, unlike all the others Ive used to rinse you out of your cash, will actually come true

Paul-Elam Alikum, 
Best Wishes Dr Mason 

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Dr Philbert Mason Buchanan just decided to go on a mystery holiday far far away & possibly forever...

He'll be right back as soon as the police realise the man in THIS is NOT him ... 

... Dr Mason stated that it is humanly IMPOSSIBLE for him to be the very attractive & rational man in that photo because at the time it was taken he was hundreds of miles away in a relaxing country club...apparently he was teaching those 3 young children how to swim ... in case they had to get away from a naked hairy Paedo (played by Dr Buchanan)

We here at J4MB are in no doubt of Dr Buchanan's innocence & we look forward to the glorious day of his return to J4MB!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

J4MB MAN-ifesto Part 2: Rape

There has forever been a very heated and, so far, unresolved debate between very reasonable men & batshit crazy bitches regarding the unnecessarily sensitive issue of "Effective Rape prevention".

The Voices of Male Reason have argued that maybe (JUST MAYBE) in some, NOT all, SOME** cases of rape whether it could have been prevented had the woman not gone out looking like a dirty smelly 2 pound an hour bargin bucket pox ridden spunk guzzling loosely-lipped slag faced underaged romanian junkie whores...y'know...just like the dozen or so of them all of whom live*** in the flat next door to me ... AND DESPITE WHAT YOU'RE ALL THINKING ATM that I have definitely never purchased, used, abused, cannibalised or put in my dead mother's clothes & done a shit on ... NEVER... not as individuals or in a special buy 1 get 2 free type offer ... ever in my life ... OK?****

... Reasonable Men are just saying this;
If a woman voluntarily chooses to go outside the house aka to a public place with people in it (where normal red blooded heterosexual men who cant control themselves and who she doesnt know can see her) and she's made up & dressed in a sexually provocative way ...  she shouldn;t be surprised when she wakes up somewhere in the woods 2 days later with a very sore anus & her eyelids glued shut with jizz ... I mean DUH!

Therefore we need to a) Objectively define what consent is and b) Scientifically determine how much clothing a woman has to wear to almost guarantee avoid being raped.

Now we all know the Islamic burka is too much but the Western mini-skirt is too little. So we propose gettng a grup of top Arabic Imams and Western male scientists in a room to work out the perfect middle point between the burka and the mini-skirt and telling women to wear that so they can live freely.

Consent is easy, basically anything less than the woman running away from you screaming and setting herself on consent HOWEVER in the event of a woman doing all those things and the man still having sex with her, consent can be given retrospectively via the means of mental telepathy which is totally real.

**some = 99.9-100% of rapes
*** live = by Free choice and/or Chained to the wall
**** You dont believe me do you? well then FUCK YOU!! I GET MORE THAN ENOUGH MINGE FOR FREE WHY WOULD I PAY FOR IT?!?!?WELL??
... bastards :(

Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Official Justice For Men and Boys MAN-ifesto (Part 1 of ?)

Most of the world's Politicians & ruling Governments are male,  why?

It's a MANifesto not a WOMANifesto
It's a Constitution not a CUNTstitution

That's a fact and you can't argue with facts. Facts don;t change just because they can see your cleavage. Facts do not suddenly start to work in your favour after you suck their dicks...FACTS DO NOT HAVE DICKS...FACT!

This will be the beginning of a new era, The Era of J4MB.
We must wipe the slate clean and rebuild ourselves 1 step at a time.

Starting with the creation of a brand new manifesto.
Each week (or whatever) we will be adding 1 new policy to our mission statement in preperation for the UK elections in 2020 (NB: 2020 campaign slogan "We can see clearly now")

Let us begin

1) The word Misandry is banned because it is a deliberately immasculating* word that was created by women to make men & boys sound like a bunch of Homos.
From now on we will use the much more masculine "Misterandry" ... It is wrong to make up derogatory words & labels in order to undermine an entire group of people & we won't let these Menocidal Gynocratic Vaginationalist Feminazi Slag heaps get away with it anymore.

*Immasculating = Poofy

Alph-Elam Alaaikum, Dudes ;)
Dr Mike PM Buchanan

Addendum: According to all the official polls J4MB is the least popular party amongst Coloureds and Homos...which, in this day and age. is apparently not good.
To prove to everyone just how tolerant we are here at J4MB I leave you with this to think about...

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

On the break up of "The Sarkeesian Effect"

Alpha-Elam Alikum,

Yesterday our journey down the road of truth to the palace of justice was halted by a road block. This road block came in the form of a fat long haired ex-satanist called Jordan Owen who was sobbing like a 4 year old girl (which,if truem would mean he should cheer up cos he now has more rights and freedom than a man or boy)

Jordan fired our very own Davis MJ Aurini from the Sarkeesian effect documentary and then ran away apparently after taking all of the money (actually maybe he is a woman)

We here at J4MB would like to make it clear that we stand by Mr Aurini 100& and we look forward to seeing his final cut of the documentary which we will be selling on both VHS and Beta Max (or should that be Alpha Max)

As for Jordan I say this, Davis claims the tension between the two of you started because you were Jealous of Roosh V and his success with women.
Well Jordan, I understand and would like to help you. I went onto Roosh's computer and found a website he had bookmarked which will give you everything you need to be just as prolific as Roosh.
I will link it at the botom of this article

Best wishes, Dr Mike "If I Can-an" Buchanan

Friday, 27 February 2015

J4MB Welcomes Jimothy Schmidt

Today J4MB is proud to announce the addition of yet another member to our ranks.
His name is Jimothy Schmidt and as well as nailing Feminism like the cheap whore it is he also has a YouTube channel on which he exposes other hoaxes like Global Warming and talks about issues like White Genocide.

Lots of love Dr Mike PM Buchanan GHB


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Abortion Debate? ... Over!

The Abortion Debate? ... Over! 

J4MB: Expanding Faster than a Whores Vagina!

Alpha-laam Alaikum...MOTHER FUCKERS!

I have been extremely busy since we launched ... 2 days ago. 
I have not slept a wink of sleep. Ive been running around like a Blue Bottle with the sunday squits trying to fulfill my many jobs and roles, I am your leader, your father, your spiritual guide/God king and your Uncle's special little secret...oh that sounded dodgy...uh

That was was i swear..
pls dont use that...look I promise
all of those vile rumors about us are false...
...right? RIGHT? ... bu-bu-bu...
...SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP ASKING ME...fucking Daily Mail..

Anyway...where was I? 

OH YEEEAHHHHHH...In order to lighten my huge work load today we welcome the newest addition to the J4MB Sexual Justice Warriors...

Please welcome aboard the Justice Train: 


(not real name)



07967 026163

Use the Ref No: W@11K3R



Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Guide to Feminazi Code Words EXPOSED!

Alpha-laam Alaikum my Brothers & little Brothers of Justice,

Today is the beginning of what will be known one day as "The Crotch Wars"

In order to for us to conquer our enemies we must first learn their language.
The ultimate goal of Feminism is to destroy all that is Man...leaving behind a world where jars cannot be opened, where shelves are never put up, where instruction manuals are read in full and plugs are never properly wired.
It will be a world where the traditional nuclear family has been destroyed and all that's left is a planet of fat, sweaty, hairy slags engage in heavy to industrial strength lesbianism.

They have a plan and they have already set it in motion...causing their unsightly flabby stomachs to jiggle and ripple.

They communicate this plan using their own set of words, their own secret language. 
If we want to stand a chance of surviving then must learn this language...and I can teach you.

Unbeknownst to them I managed to infiltrate one of their top secret meetings that were commonly known as "Ann Summers Parties"...wherein they would examine and assess multiple versions and designs of Cyborg penises...penises that they intend to replace us with...all of them were very intimidating (i assume) and very unnaturally bulbous & veiny.

When nobody was looking I snatched one of their handbags containing a copy of The Guide to Feminazi Code Words and then I quickly ran like buggery out of the door and hid inside a wheelie bin in an alleyway, out of sight...they never knew I was there and I hadn't even shaved my beard off.

Please learn and memorize all of these words. Knowing them may just save your life;

The Quimmening: This is when a group of Feminists communicate with each other using a misandrist form of mental telepathy that cannot be picked up by men.
Vaginationalism: A political ideology based on establishing a totally non-penile State 
Con-menstration Camps: The final destination for 98% of us. Extremination camps for men all of which are ran by a load of angry bitches who have got the painters in that week
Bollockaust: The genocide formerly known as the final solution
Saudi Alabia: This will be the name given to the first country that they seize control of
Gynocacry: The female only democratic process established after the men have been exterminated 
Raging Poon-ami: A surge like military invasion of a nation from all sides
De-menstration: The disposing & incineration of a male corpse after removing his skin which will be used to make large "Period week" Granny knickers
Guynosaurus Rex: ...uh...actually i think that's just the name of a porn film I was watching the other night...quite good actually

I dont know who said it , what it means or why it's even relevant but "Knowledge is Power"...and these words give us Power...and Power makes my willy tingle!

Best wishes & Stay Alpha

Dr Michael Philbertimus Prime Mason Buchanan GHB 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Message From WarCorpse

WarCorpse Speaks:

I am man. Do I care? YES.
I do not believe in god (atheist) but I believe in parts of the bible and jesus.
I hate women and ladies. Why you ask?
The woman is an abomination. A demon. A walking parasite. A tumour that needs to be cut out before it spreads. Same thing for ladies. The lady is disgusting thing, they should either be in the kitchen or doing something for the males. 
There is nothing wrong with hating women annd ladies, its in our blood. BOTH are genetic mistakes and are a threat to mankind. I believe that if we do not tackle to lady/woman problem, we will be sorry.


Here are some facts about women:
1)  They smell
2) Theyve been proven false
3) They are rubber and fake
4) There are more people with aids that are women than men
5) Women are  inferior at jobs
6) Women have less money
7) They do not have the mental capacity to become a good person

Here are some facts about ladies:
1) They serve no biological purpose 
2) They are a disease
3) They choose their sex, this has been proven time and time again
4) They have less prospects than NON female
5) They spread aids
6) They need to be eliminated

I AM NOT SEXIST and I AM NOT MISOGYNISTIC. I am simply using MY BRAIN to look beyond the bullshit and mainstream media propaganda. The women and ladies are a serious threat to western civilization, if we do not stop them now we WILL be sorry!

"If you hit a snake but don't kill it, you'll be sorry later on." -Chinese Proverb.

Contact Mike NOW!

Mike wants to chat with YOU!

As you can imagine, it's very lonely being Michael Philbert Mason Buchanan GHB, which is why he has put his full email and mobile phone number out into the public, because he genuinely would like to talk with you. Yes, YOU!

Please feel free, no... encouraged, to contact him day or night for chat.

Email Address:
 Phone Number: 07967 026163

Introductory Video - Welcome to J4MB (and the slags who shag us)

The official video welcoming you to J4MB.

The J4MB Cabinet: Roosh V

Roosh V. - (position TBC)

The World Renowned Pick Up Artist & Author of books such as "Drunk Slags Can't Say No" "How You Can Feel Hole Again" and "How to Soundproof Your Basement"
In his spare time Roosh likes to collect Barrels of Sulphuric Acid, Industrial size Freezers & an incredible 2467 women's left shoes (gaaay)

Has stated all public accusations of rape is FALSE! The only women who have ever been REAL victims of rape would NEVER say anything about it publicly...His evidence for this is the fact that, somehow, he has never been arrested on suspicion of closed...but please remember that, for your safety and indeed our own, Roosh will be legally required to wear the classic Garlen Green physoiacal restraints AND Watched 24 hours a day by 2 dozen heavily armed US Marines...he's such a hound dog that guy 

He is Roosh V. Hold on... Roosh-Vee..Roos-Vee..Roo-Vee ... Roofies...OH MY GOOOOOD!

Together we will form the foundation for the future... a future for MEN... and BOYS... *sigh* and the women who do as their fucking well told... cos they love us!

The J4MB Cabinet: John "The Other" Other

Minister For Crime

Next I give you a man, a male man, a human male mister man. He was vlogging on YouTube from the beginning, 10 years ago, and he's still here today. He hasn't moved forward at all, proving the internet is as low down in the world as u can get. He is one of the most well known & respected MRA YouTubers vlogging on his own channel, by himself, John The Other...other?

 The epitome of 'no, not that one'

'Other' what? Who? THE OTHER! Not the 1st, the favourite, the better, the great one or the big one. NO, he is The OTHER John. The John who has stood silently in the shadows, hiding his face away from the world, as he bravely chooses to not help or try to save any women  from being raped ever. In fact, if he sees a woman in an alleyway getting raped? He starts laughing, cackling, like a witch, pissing his pants with laughter, whilst filming it on his iPhone. And having a wank over it. On the bus.

If you are looking for a special MRA a man who has literaly been described by his fellow peers as "That Bald Canadian Bloke",
I give you John The Other ...uh ...of Canada.

The J4MB Cabinet: WarCorpse666

My Minister of Communications - WarCorpse666

WarCorpse666 - Not a user name, a real name. Why was he given that name? Cos, as u can easily tell from his genetic misgivings, his parents were brother and sister, siamese twins, joined at the rectum, labotomised at birth. WC is mixed race, mother was a Babboon and his dad was a man who suffered from a disease known as Babboon Syndrome.

 WarCorpse in his dwelling.

WC is from the internet and his rise has been truly meteoric; very loud, no brain, no point, guaranteed to come crashing down to earth. Obviously, meteorites have got bettere hairlines than WC... and faces, personalities, sex lives...

  A five year old WarCorpse

WC is a self made man. Not in the business sense, money sense, success sense or sense...sense, he literally is self made, he is the designer and archtictet of his own creation. 

Mike Says: "At least he lacks pissflaps."
Look at him, WarCorpse666; Mike, have u ever met anyone who's very existence is the best argument against God AND Evolution?

He's a self made man cos nobody, not God nor 4 billion years of natural selection is gonna take credit for him.

The J4MB Cabinet: Davis MJ Aurini

Education Czar: Davis MJ Aurini

Rub your skulls together and please give a warm welcome the J4MB Education Czar, Davis MJ Aurini.

IMPORTANT: The following video must be played whilst reading for full Aurini™ experience.

Now, this may seem hard to believe but Sir Davis The MJ Aurini Esq 1st DDS Dot Com Alpha used to be a really really insecure guy. NO NO NO, seriously! He had real confidence issues to the point where every time he was around anyone in a social setting he would put on the act of being a suave, stylish, confident, educated, intellectual and emotionally complex ladies man. 

  Aurini in the 'blunder' years. 

Everything about him from his clothes, his mannerisms, the cigarette, the whiskey, the voice, the lighting in his videos and the skulls scattered about everywhere. He was the absolute pinnacle of a man consumed by pseudo-intellectualism living at the very apex of all that is pretentious patience testing bullshit munching. He was a proper cunt... 
But thankfully, those days are over and he has learnt to love himself for himself and he now he's happy just being himself and being who he really is; Sir King Dr Davis McBig-Cock The MJ Lord Sex-Machiney-Meany-Miney-Mother-fucking-Aurini Ruler of Testostoronia.

Friday, 13 February 2015

The Sexual Justice Warriors (for Men and Boys) Part 1: Our Leader

The Book of Menisis 

I'm Richard Coughlan and I'm here to introduce you to the best and only Political Party who guarantees justice for both Men AND Boys at the same time (....oh and the women who love them*)
Last month I made a video announcing my appointment (unofficially) as the new PR agent & Cheif Spin Doctor for J4M (link below) and to prove my dedication I went out and purchased the domain name promising to totally revamp their image and make them more electable...and finally after nearly a month of work, we are ready...

This website is linked below and I urge all of you to visit it, bookmark it, follow it, share it, tweet it, spread it far and wide to everyone ESPECIALLY to Mr Mike Buchanan via his many contacts in the description box & on the website. The website is a little bare atm but this is an on going process and over the course of the next year I will be building and developing the site & the party with YOUR help and contributions.
But for now I'd like to introduce to you, your leader, the NEW & IMPROVED (and legally water tight under laws protecting satire and parody as free speech) Mike Buchanan or as he is now known...
Dr Mike Philbert Mason Buchanan GHB:

Hello my Fellow...uh Fellows, Boys and Gentlemen ... and any of the loyal subordinate women who have been given permission to read this website...but mainly, MEN...I have a question;How are you feeling today? Don't answer, I already know the answer...Youve had enough havcent you? Enough of being a man (or boy) Enough of being abused & exploited, of being forced to pay 4 times more  in yearly  income tax than "women" despite only earning 18% more than them, you're sick of not being allowed to legally force a woman into either having a baby or abortion just because of "human rights", and then having to pay for this little and literal bastard you didn't want in the first place cos of "responsibilities", you're sick of living every day in fear of being falsely accused of rape by any and every woman you meet or even...being the victim of a "Sperm Jacking"You are sick of there being NO JUSTICE!Well as of today I, Dr Michael Philbert Mason Buchanan GHB will be leading the charge with my Justice the War of Sexual InJustice...We are the Sexual Justice Warriors